THURSDAY 12 DECEMBER We posted our stuff: 5 boxes-full and all and it cost us a mere Z$21-50. We went and changed 250 quid on the black market with a bloke called Edwin, then went and paid for our flight to Nairobi. I caught a taxi out to Blakiston School and spent an unproductive half-hour there trying to get some information out of the headmaster, who didn’t know anything.

All I found out was his [Lionel Blakiston’s] name and a few small details, and when I asked if I could take a few photos he gave me a letter to take to the ministry of Education requesting written permission which would take a week to obtain. So I took a few photos anyway and left.

I met Ross, Linda Nick and Steve at Wimpy’s and we went to the Mosaic Cafe in the gardens for lunch then back to the hostel for more food and beer.

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