. We caught the train from the Cant Railway Station and left Karachi at 10:30 a.m. precisely.

On the platform at the Cantt Railway Station, Karachi.

The train was shabby and crowded, and we were crammed into economy class amongst men, women, children and beggars of all sizes and disabilities.

The trip north was interesting, and most of the Pakistanis on the train went out of their way to be friendly to us by offering us food and giving up their seats for us. The cooks in the dining car even offered Mike and me a blow on their hash pipe!

It became very cold as afternoon drew into evening, and as night fell we all separated to find places to sleep. I ended up on the floor at the back of the carriage, where a howling wind and the clattering roar of the wheels on the tracks came in through the broken door.

The Karachi-Lahore Express.

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