We caught a rickshaw down to the railway station at 6:30 a.m. and boarded the very last car on the 7:45 Express to Delhi. We had plenty of room for a start, but after a few stops the carriage – which was the non-reserved carriage – began to fill up until every available space was crammed full of people and luggage

I found a space up on one of the top bunks and passed the 10-hour journey in relative comfort. We arrived in Delhi at 4 p.m. and caught a rickshaw round of Ringo’s Hotel, where a crowd of about 40 travellers were crammed into tiny dorm rooms and rat-infested chambers. But who could complain about 50 rupees per person, and the place had a good atmosphere. Our Danish friends, Ton, Robert and Tinker were there already.

That evening, Barnardos, Madeline, Linda, and I ate a huge meal at the Chinese restaurant next door to Ringoes. [We still talk about that restaurant to this day, as the waiter had such a good memory that he remembered every one of our orders without writing them down. When we said to him “how can you remember all this?” he just went winked and said, “trust me.”

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