Tuesday, 25th February – Out of India

We caught a local bus from Varanasi to Sonali on the Nepal-India border. The trip was long and dusty but we alleviated the strain by smoking a couple of hooters of hash along the way. As we approach the border we had to bully Sindee into throwing the remaining lump of hash out the window because we did not want to risk crossing the border carrying drugs. She was distraught at the idea of having to get rid of a block of hash that would have cost several hundred dollars back in New Zealand!

The border was a piece of piss and we stayed the night at a hotel right next to the border post where we drank tasty beer and ate tasty food.

Back in our room later on, Linda and I discovered a massive stash of Indian currency that we had forgotten about and so we were able to trade this on the black market for a pile of Nepali cash.

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