We hung out in Kathmandu like hippies, lazy and indolent, doing not much more than swapping our expensive hotel in Freak Street for a cheaper joint over in the suburb of Thamel where there is more going on and a good selection of bars and restaurants.

There wasn’t much to do so we spent our days relaxing at the hotel and the evenings out eating and drinking. We had a big night out with a couple of guys – one a kiwi, one a Scouser [Liverpudlian] – on the beer, which is very strong and had us well pissed in a short time.


Linda and I booked a flight to Hong Kong with Dragonair for the 11th of March which cost us US$320 dollars each. On Sunday the 1st, the four of us spent a few hours over at Patan Square, where we visited a few temples, including one with a whole lot of extremely explicit erotic carvings decorating it’s exterior walls.

BACKPACKER LIFE, KATHMANDU. L-R: Sarah, unknown American guy, Ferg, unknown Swedish guy, Sindee.

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