March 25th.

About 7:30 a.m. we caught a bus from the bus station across the road from the hotel bound for Liuzhou, on the main Kunming-Chongqing rail line. They’re about 10 other foreigners on the bus, including an English couple called Marco and Sharon, who we teamed up with for the train trip to Chongqing. They already had their , tickets so Linda and I went down to the station and went through the long rigmarole of buying two hard sleeper tickets for the night train. We wrote down the details in Chinese characters which read: 


The tickets were expensive at ¥141 each.

We boarded at 4PM and we were assigned bucks which were very comfortable, and then found that Sharon and Marco were just a few births away from us. That evening, as the train jolted along through the Chinese night, we ate a large meal in the dining car and annoyed the staff by drinking beers there until quite late.

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