After an hour or so of hunting around, I found a hotel that would change travellers’ cheques, then Marco and I set off down to the docks to buy 4 tickets for the ferry down the Yangtze River. It was a long and complicated process to get those tickets: first, we had to line up at window 10 and pay ¥10 each booking fee then line up at window 4 and pay for our fourth class tickets which cost is ¥171-80 each.

Linda and I spent a couple of hours walking around in the market, which was busy and interesting, then went back to the hotel and sat up on the roof drinking beers. At 7 p.m. we went out with two Swedish girls to a dumpling restaurant for a filling meal of dumplings in chilli sauce then back to the rooftop for more beers.

Dumpling Dinner.

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