We all slept in until quite late – till after 11 am in fact – then packed up and checked out, leaving your gear in the “BAGGAG ROOM.” 

Linda and I joined the group of other westerners to go for lunch but they were so painful about not eating this and not eating that – no meat, no chilli etc -that we were glad to finally head off on our own.

We filled in time until 2:30 when we met Marco and Sharon back at the hotel and we all walked down to the docks. Marco and I left the girls with the stuff and went off to reconnoitre the area. We descended a flight of steep and worn stone steps to the river bed, where makeshift piers, reached by wooden catwalks leading out from the stony shoreline of the river, led to several boats. We found the right one and we’re told to come back at 9PM.

So we left our stuff in the left luggage room and went up into town and found the cable car station. It was 40 mao (cents) for a return trip across to the other side of the river so we pushed on and rode across the wide riverbed to the dingy and crowded buildings on the far side. There wasn’t anything to see over there so we rode back again, taking photos as we went, as the aerial view of life going on below was quite interesting.

Back in the city we found a sidewalk noodle joint and ate some spicy noodles and had a beer, then walked down and collected our packs and went down to the river.

When we boarded our ferry, ahead of a screaming rabble all wanting the best beds, we were shown into a plush Second Class cabin where he spent a comfortable, if unexpected, night.

Sidewalk Noodle Joint.

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