Saturday, April 4th.

It had been raining in Canton but by the time the train got to Shenzhen, it had cleared. The border was reasonably easy although the complete absence of any order or rational scheme made finding our way through a bit trying. Back in Kowloon after a 40-minute ride on the KCR, we walked around to Chungking Mansions and got a room in the same hostel where we had stayed before we went to China.

I rang [my cousin] Mark and he invited us to stay in his apartment even though he was off to Thailand for the week. The first decent meal for 2 days was at McDonald’s then we return to the hostel to watch the Hong Kong rugby sevens tournament on TV. The weather for it was abysmal, with torrential rain turning the pitches into a quagmire.

Some impromptu entertainment was provided at night when a fat bloke in the Hyatt Hotel across the street gave his Chinese wife a damn good rogering with the curtains open!

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