Monday, April 6th.

We went to see Mark at his office on the 18th floor of the Kowloon Building. He hasn’t changed at all since I last saw him in 1986 except that he is going grey! We yarned about family and our travels over a cup of tea, and he explained to us how to get to his apartment up on Conduit Road over on Hong Kong Island. We arranged to meet for lunch which we did at 12:30 and he took us to a place near his office.

Back at Chungking Mansions, we collected our packs and lugged them in pouring rain over to his flat. We spent an hour trying to find the right bus after a woman pointed us in the wrong direction

Mark’s flat was cosy and well-decorated, with prints strategically placed on white-painted walls, a blue lounge suite and a bitching stereo. We settled in with a vengeance!

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