At 6 am we went down for an early morning swim in the funky surf which was so warm that the sand across which it was breaking was noticeably warm. We breakfasted expensively: our 11,500 rupiah room didn’t include breakfast but did include walls so thin that every conversation in the hotel could be heard. There was a man selling T-shirts outside the restaurant and I swapped my Simple Minds Streetfighting Years T-shirt for a LOMBOK PRIMITIVE one.

In the town of Ampenan, after a short cheap Bimo ride, we found the Hotel Sabir where a mouldy, insect-infested room was only R5,000 including breakfast and was, therefore, a much better value than the Senggigi Beach Resort. We passed the day somehow and arranged a bus ride to Bima, on Sumbawa Island for the following day.

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