As we drank our early morning coffee at 6 am, the flocks of fruit bats were returning from Flores: croaking to each other as they approached their island home and descended into the trees. 

When the sun was up, we set sail out across the bay towards Komodo. The water was the same evil texture as it had been on the day that the boat “Komodo” was sucked beneath its glassy surface and we were all a bit apprehensive as we crossed the stretch of water north of the Three Rocks where once again a deadly rip current was running and small whirlpools pockmarked the green, oily water. We arrived at Red Beach at 9:30 and everyone went snorkelling over some more beautiful coral teeming with fish. It was quite a strong swell there, however, and Dan, Dub and I found it more fun to lie in the pounding surf and see who could stay in the same spot on hands and knees for the longest.

Back on the boat, we ate another meal of rice, noodles and veggies then headed out into the bay to Komodo Island – where the captain went ashore for some reason – then to a small island nearby where there was no coral, no beach and nothing to do…so we made the crew take us back to Red Beach. We spent all afternoon there snorkelling, playing frisbee and exploring. We spent the night anchored off Komodo Island.

Red Beach. L-R: Ferg, Thierry, Sean, Dub, Dan.

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