FINE. THIS IS THE DAY WE LEAVE NEW ZEALAND. Woke up at about 7:30 and dozed till 8:15. Got up and sorted things out. Finished packing and it doesn’t seem like much to live in for two years. Listened to Gordon Lightfoot, “Stay Loose”….seems appropriate. Helen, B*, Shane and Linda arrived at 11:45 & L&I went to say goodbye to Brownie**. Said goodbye to Colin⁺ and Dill the Hag⁺⁺ and headed for Christchurch.

There were many people at the airport to see us off: Mick, Ros, Ola, Corinna, Linda G, Kev G, Gungy, Pippa, Jen, Kerrance, Tom, Nick, Johnno, Bridgette, Jendy, Rebecca and Wayne, and K M. Parting was very sad – even I was in tears!! We were on the top deck of the plane***, Business Class. Got to Sydney at 6:40pm and bussed into King’s Cross. Stayed the night at the flash Commodore Chateau.

*Helen Beattie, Linda’s mother

**Elsie Brown, an old family friend

++Jill, an old sheepdog of mine

***A Boeing 747

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