The Story Begins

“The curse of the traveller got a hold on me…”

                                                                       – Chris Rea

Victoria Falls, 1991.

It would be great, dear reader, if I could take you straight to the heart of Africa. To float with you down the Congo River and take you across the Sahara Desert. To show you the blue Aegean and the fabled islands of the Cyclades, the “sceptred isle” of England, and the blue-tiled mosques of Esfahan. I’d love to take you, right now, to the teeming cities of Pakistan, to the Karakoram Mountains and the steppes of Western China. To the jungles of Sumatra, the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the volcanoes of Java and the crowded canyons of Hong Kong.


Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan-China Border, 1994

But, like all good stories, the scene has to be set and the tale must unfold slowly. So for now, you will have to be content with these short notes from Australia and, later on, from the South-east of England.

There will be adventures, sure, and, as time goes on, I will take you to all those places and more. We will do dangerous black market currency deals in the alleys of Kano. We will dodge corrupt policemen brandishing AK-47 rifles in the lawless borderlands between Iran and Pakistan. We will stand on the edge of the Victoria Falls, work in crowded bars in London, live in squalid flats and English mansions, see the Himalayas, hitch-hike in East Africa and ride trains in India.

Turkey, 1990.

So stay tuned, hang in there, and tell you friends. There are six year’s of adventures coming up. The Curse of the Traveller has only just begun!

Bumba, Zaire, 1989.


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