FINE. We got up at 8 and after showers etc caught the bus into town. We walked up the mall and got a pedicab over to the Expo*. Queued to get in! Went on the Centrifuge roller coaster and the Titan!!! Wow!! Went to the French, Thailand, Primary Industry, Credit Union, China, and Techno Plaza Pavilions and went on The Monorail. Food is expensive! Watched the water skiing display, laser show and comedy show on the Riverstage. The fireworks were excellent. Caught a taxi home and got pulled up by a cop.expo

*World Expo 88 was held in Brisbane over a six month period from April to October 1988. It was one of the major events of Australia’s bi-Centennial celebrations and attracted 15.8 million visitors.



Letter home written by Linda from Sydney, 04/09/88.



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