V. HOT. Got up at 8 and got ready to attend Expo.  Got the bus into town then got on a pedicab over to the site. Queued for about 10 minutes to get in then went to join the queue for the New Zealand Pavilion.  We were just about to go in when Joe* went past. It took about 40 minutes to go through and while it was very well presented and imaginative, we had seen it all before. We met Joseph at the beer fest and had a cup of Lowenbrau beer. Then we caught the train to Roma Street and had some tea.  Joe went to book into the backpackers hostel at New Farm and Linda and I went home. Brought the car back in and picked Joe up and went back to Expo. Went into the fun park and rode the Supernova (oh Shiitttt!!), the Ranger (Jee-zuz H Christ!!) and the Titan (OH MY GOD!!). Watched the fireworks then took Joe back to his hostel (dive) & went home.
*My brother, Joe Blakiston, had just arrived in Brisbane after spending two weeks on a Contiki bus tour of Queensland.

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