HOT Joseph rang up at about 8:30 with the news that he had checked out of The Backpackers hostel because it was too rough and was in another hostile nearby.  Linda and I took the car in and met him at the top end of the Mall. We drove out to the Newmarket pool and swam there for about 2 hours then went back to Wardell Street*. We all showered and changed then made our way out to the Palms Motel on Sandgate Road. Got there a bit early so we went to the local for a beer then went back. Tom and Christine** shouted us a yummy tea in the restaurant.  Took Fiona and Chris Vail¹ into town with us and dropped them off.

*The location of The Pink Galah Hostel where Joe was staying.

**Our cousin, Tom Hunter and his wife Christine, owners of Evora Station (see BACKSTORY Part 5: Australia)

¹Our relations from Mena Park (see BACKSTORY Part 5: Australia)

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