HOT  Joe rang up at about 8:30 with the news of a bus tour of Brisbane we could go on at 1PM.  So we took the car into town and meet Joe at the Mall at about 11:30. We got two pedicabs to take us down to the Transit Centre where we had lunch.  We got on the bus and cruised over the Jubilee Bridge and round over the Story Bridge. Went round the Uni then up to Lone Pine. Linda and I mucked around while Joe went in.  Next was the Botanic Gardens at Mt Cootha where we had Devonshire teas at The Lookout . We were dropped off at the centre of town and went to a pub for a beer. Then we went to another pub and wandered around looking for food.  Went to a posh restaurant with a snooty waiter who didn’t like us then went up and watched street kids getting drunk and the fireworks. Joe got a taxi home and we drove home.

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