HOT  Joe didn’t ring till about 10 o’clock and we arranged to meet him at the Pink Galah Hostel.  Drove in and met in there, loaded up his gear and headed for the airport. We went over the Gateway Bridge for a hoon* then drove over to a pub at Chermside.  Had a beer there then went to another pub for lunch. After that, Joe drove the car to the International Terminal which is grotty so we went to the Domestic Terminal which is really nice.  We played around there till about 3:30 then went back to the International Terminal. Sat and talked for half an hour then Joe went through the gate. I cried my eyes out after he was gone and we watched till the plane was gone.  Went back home and packed up our gear.

*New Zealand slang for driving around at random.

Ground Control, Brisbane Airport.

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