Alarm was set for 4:30 and we got up and packed all our stuff up.  Linda tried to say goodbye to Alex but the little bitch just told her she was “late for work and had to go.”*  We drove out of town and filled up with petrol then headed north in the cool air. Linda drove from Nambour and we stopped for lunch at some hick wayside place. Linda is pretty sick with a tummy ache and diarrhoea, poor girl, and she lay on the back seat and dozed for a while in the afternoon. We had a broken fan belt about 3:00 which we still fixed with the spare one we (luckily) had. Got to Rocky** at about 4:30 and booked into the YH¹  and went for a swim at the nearest pool.

*Linda’s friend, sadly, had turned out to be a thoroughly unpleasant person.
**Rockhampton, a town on Queensland’s northern coast, located on the Tropic of Capricorn.
¹Youth Hostel

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