V HOT Woke up about 7 and got up, showered, breakfast, packed up and did our duty. Left our gear on the pallet* and went down to the resort. Cashed a traveller’s cheque then bought a couple of G.K.I. t-shirts and some other souvenirs.  Went down to Keppel Quatics and hided a catamaran and spent an hour on the water. Had lunch at the Shell House then went for a swim. The “Victory” departed at 4:00 after we had carried out packs down from the YH because the Land Rover was kaput**. Got the bus back to the hostel said goodbye to Sean and Ann¹, and drove down and booked into the “David Motel.” Had tea there and did all our washing.

* a wooden landing where luggage to be loaded onto the island’s shuttle boat was left.
** The only vehicle on GKI was an old Land Rover used to transport people down to the beach from the resort. On this occasion it wouldn’t start.
¹An English couple we had got to know on the island.

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