We had brekkie in bed (toast, juice, & bacon and eggs YUM!!) at 8 then got up and showered.  Rearranged all our gear so we can operate out of one pack. Packed the car up then went and got the spare tire fixed then we went into town to look for mattresses. Wandered into the mall and had a beer in a pub then went and bought 2 single mattresses for $30.  Went to the RACQ* and tourist info place at the Capricorn Monument*

Linda at the Tropic of Capricorn Marker, Rockhampton, QLD.

then went and booked into the “Tropical Wanderer” camping ground. Pitched the tent and had a swim then went to a nearby Woolies and stocked up on utensils and cheap food. Linda’s cooking steaks on an open air gas barbie and the trees are full of rosellas squawking.


*Royal Automobile Club of Queensland.
** Rockhampton is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn, the line encircling the globe halfway between the Equator and the South Pole.

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