V HOT We got up about 7:30 and had cereal and toast for breakfast.  It appears that the bushfire is still burning!¹ 4 of us went for a walk 1.5 km up the gorge to the Moss Gardens (cool and damp) Then another 1.5 km to the Amphitheatre which you have to climb a ladder and chain then walk through a 3-4 foot wide chasm to get into. An amazing place.

Entrance to The Amphitheatre, Carnarvon National Park, QLD,

We trudged home in the heat and spent the afternoon relaxing. Went for a swim in the (stagnant!) pool.  We pooled out food at night and had a feast of rice, corned beef, kidney

The Amphitheatre.

beans, snags and cauli. We showed them our photos of home.

¹A bush fire was burning in several parts of the National Park.




No safety barriers here, The Amphitheatre, Carnarvon Gorge NP, QLD.

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