V HOT Got up at about 7:30 again and John & Naomi packed up their gear. After exchanging addresses and goodbyes they left, bound for Emerald and Mackay then on to Cairns.  Linda and I spent the rest of the morning sitting around, she writing postcards and me reading. We went for a drive up to the shop at 12:00 and sat in the bar drinking a can of beer each and playing darts – Linda won – Lucky! We bought some cans of drink, milk and ice then went back to camp. After a quick snack, we wandered round the nature trail and I went for a dip in a pool we found. Two kookaburras, “Gargle” and Mr T”,  came to help us eat our dinner of Irish stew spuds and cauli.

A bushfire was burning throughout our time at Carnarvon Gorge. This smudge is from a piece of ash which fell on my diary the previous day.

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