V.V. Hot. We got up at 5:30 and showered and packed up. Drove out of Emerald and headed for Blackall.  The trip to Alpha was pretty boring & we stopped for petrol and a bit of brekkie there. Carried on to Jericho with a stop to photograph anthills and turned off at Jericho onto the road (TRACK!) to Blackall.

Back to the Track. Outback road between Jericho and Blackall, Quensland.

It was a long, very dusty road and we turned off at Yalleroi & headed across country to Darraquart, where we asked directions on to Evora. Unloaded our stuff and crashed out for the rest of the afternoon as it was about 40°- 42°.

Kiwi kids on a red dirt road, Outback Queensland.

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