V HOT We treated ourselves to a sleep in this morning and didn’t get up till 8:00. After breakfast we fed the chooks and talked to the horses then spent the rest of the morning reading & I cleaned the cameras. After and early lunch, Tom, Linda and I went into Blackall¹. Storm clouds were hanging in the Eastern sky and there was a possibility of drought-breaking rain.  Linda and I wandered up & down the hot Main Street being stared at by the locals then we came home again. Linda and I went out in the late afternoon and took some photos. Good light effects.

Evora Sunset.

¹Blackall is a town in Central Queensland which supports the surrounding sheep and cattle country. It is situated on the Barcoo River (an iconic Outback river often mentioned in bush songs and poems. A “Barcoo Poley” is a type of Australian stock saddle without a saddle horn. Blackall was the site of the original Black Stump from which the phrase “beyond the black stump” meaning a place far away, originates. Surveyors in the early 1800s named a black stump on the then Astro Station as the farthest limit of their survey work to date. Beyond the black stump, the land was un-surveyed and unexplored.

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