COLD!! We woke up at 5:00 and there was a FUCKIN cold southerly wind blowing. We had to break out the winter woolies and huddled round the camp while we had brekkie. The poor Fijiians were frozen. Went to the shed¹ & waited till about 6:20 before we got a very cold ride down to the trees we were picking.

Cherry picking is a very boring job. We were on rat-shit cherries and it took us ages to fill a lug². We ended up picking 5 for the day which ended at about 2:00. We came home, slept for an hour then showered, cooked tea & made our lunch then bed.

Cherry Picking, Young, NSW. Linda with cherry lugs and cherry trees.

¹ The farm’s packing shed where we gathered each day to be assigned an area of cherry trees whose fruit were ripe enough to pick.
² A “lug” is a rectangular plastic box roughly 6oomm long, 400mm wide and 200mm deep. It takes a lot of cherries to fill one lug.

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