HOT. We got up at about 5:00 and finished packing our gear. Left Bairnsdale at about 6:30 and drove down to Terry & Di’s¹ place at Pakenham². Had lunch there and helped Morrie unload his pailings and had lunch. Di took us down to the station and we caught the 2:00 train in to the City of Melbourne. We forced our way out of the station at Flinders St³ & the first thing we saw was Gareth going past on a Pedicab. We got a taxi up to the Exford hostel & booked in. It is a real dive. WE went out for a Malay meal in the evening.

¹ Di was Morrie and Audrey Farquhar’s daughter.
² An outer suburb of Melbourne.
³ Flinders Street Station is Melbourne’s main rail station.

Pedicabs in Melbourne. Me, Russ and some other guy on Bourke Street.

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