Beers in the park, Melbourne, Australia.

HOT. Linda and I went to do our xmas shopping today. We hunted round together for a while then split up & went our separate ways. I got Linda an Aussie T-shirt and a camera bag. We met up at the Mall & Gareth took us for a ride in his Pedicab. Did a bit more shopping then wandered up to the Hostel again. A whole lot of us (Russ, Noola, Tasha, Betsy, Gareth, Linda, me & others) went down to the Botanic gardens & drank beer & wine for a few hours then Russ, Linda & I went to the carol singing.

Carols in the Park, Melbourne, Australia, Christmas Eve 1988. Linda and Russ.

When we got back to the Hostel, Linda & I got changed and went out to look for a disco but couldn’t find one in the vicinity of the hostel.We got back to the hostel & opened our pressies at 2:00am in the morning. I got a T-shirt, braces 2 banadanas & a Ricoh strap¹ from Linda & Smellies from [unreadable] & H&B.

¹ A neck strap for my Ricoh SLR camera.

Christmas Morning in the Exford Hostel, Melbourne.


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