Got up at about 8:30 and helped out helping Linda dye some clothes black for tonite. Tasha, Betsy & Thomas all went to Westco & pinched their black gear!! At 5:00 we all got together for photos then all 15 of us walked down to the Exhibition Centre.

All dressed up in Black and White for the Estonian community’s New Year’s Eve gala.

There were 3000 people there from Estonia for us to wait on with each of us having 30 of the arrogant bastards to  look after. It was hard work and pretty chaotic but It was worth it ‘cos we earned $90-00 each. We walked home and I got sick¹…

¹ Remember the photograph of the Exford Hostel from a few days ago: the one with the third floor window circled? I spewed out that window on this evening!!

Aftermath. Getting wasted in a hostel room, Exford Hostel, Melbourne, N.Y.E. 1988.

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