We caught the train into Liverpool Street and went straight round to Kumuka and booked two places on the 17th August safari northbound from Nairobi.  We had a ratbag lunch at a cafe staffed by no-comprendo idiots and a foreign head waiter, then went round to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. There were wax models of many famous people there, the most real being Benny Hill, Mahatma Gandhi, Grace Jones, Bob Hoskins (of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame) and many others.

Me and Telly Savalas.

A trip to the planetarium followed Tussauds then we went round to Tottenham Court Road to look at tape / radios. While we were waiting in Oxford Street station a bunch of mice came out and started playing round down under the tracks, apparently un-worried by the trains rumbling over them.  We went to the pictures and saw Rain Man with Tom Cruise and a brilliant performance by Dustin Hoffman. We wandered the windy streets for a while afterwards where dead brollies were stuffed in corners and in rubbish bins, their skins torn and their spindly legs bent and broken by the wind. We did another random bus trip then had a pizza for tea in Leicester Square. The trains got us home at about 12:30am.

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