A cold windy day, and Ray gave us a ride down to Broxbourne where we filled in the paperwork in order to open an account at Barclays Bank.  We looked around the limited selection of shops in Broxbourne then caught a bus to Hoddesdon. We spent 4 hours there doing a few jobs, periodically going into coffee shops for hot chocolate to warm us up.  We had a beer (xxxx for me and Lowënbrau for Linda) in an old pub and wrote a couple of postcards,  then went and registered at 2 employment agencies to get work for our days off. We bussed back to Broxbourne and decided to walk back to the pub.  It took us an hour & a half of walking to get home. We stopped and talked to horses, watched rabbits playing, and enjoyed the cold wind and rain-threatened sky which somehow seem to suit the woods and fields we were walking past.  We spent the evening reading writing letters and snoozing.

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