I spent the morning mowing the lawn while Linda worked in the kitchen.  After lunch we got the bikes out, pumped up the tires, and rode down to Wormley.  We posted a letter then rode down to the New River and rode along the banks for half a mile or so. We stopped to watch a huge Swan get out of a lock then “swan dive” back into the river and it was then that the rain that had been threatening came down. We cycled madly back to a little bridge & sat under it in the cold wind and ate our bags of crisps as the rain splashed down into the murky, slow moving water and the wind rippled the surface and blew occasional spots of rain in onto us.  A couple of passing Mallard ducks paused to munch on a few chips that we threw them then moseyed on downstream in the rain.

After a while we decided the rain wasn’t going to let up so we rode back to Wormley and bought some chocolate at a corner store & went up to St Laurence’s church where we waited till the rain stopped and munched on our chocolate. Then we splashed our way back to the pub.

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