Dave¹ lent us his car and we spent the morning cruising the country lanes of Hertfordshire. Had a Ploughman’s² at a little pub and went and saw the Duke of Wellington where Chris and Sandy³ used to work. It is no wonder they are so lazy – a sleepy little pub in an even sleepier little village!

Jason⁴ took us cruising in the afternoon and Ray & Joan took us for a drink at the Fish and Eels in the evening.

¹Dave was a New Zealander who also worked at The Woodman.

²A Ploughman’s lunch consists of various pickles, bread and cheese.

³Chris and Sandy were the third of four sets of managers at The Woodman while we were there. They were lazy, slovenly and inclined to let the Pikies (gypsies) into the pub.

⁴Jason Roach was a young guy who also worked at The Woodman. He went on to become a Professor of Criminology at Newcastle University.

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