Sandy gave us a ride down to Broxbourne and we walked down to the station and caught the train into Liverpool Street. We caught the tube to Piccadilly Circus and went to New Zealand House and collected our passports and letters of introduction for Zaire. From there we went around to IMC for some more shots. I had meningitis and Linda had meningitis and tetanus.  We also both had blood samples taken to find out our blood groups. That lot set us back a further £76 and we went to a nearby chemist to get the antibiotics and the malaria tablets he had prescribed for us – they cost us 43 quid.

Back on the tube, we made our way to Covent Garden and the YHA shop where we bought 6 bottles of insect repellent and across the road, we bought closed cell foam Karrimats.

We spent an hour or so watching life on the Thames go by then walked up and sat in Parliament square and watched the sun set on the Houses of Parliament while jets descended through the clouds overhead and Big Ben told the passing time.

With nothing else left to do we headed back home on the train. We now have nothing important left to do in London and probably won’t return there until a few days before we leave for Africa.

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