DAY FOUR Linda and I got up at 6:00 and I lit the fire as no-one on the cooking team seemed inclined to do so. We went down and had a wash in the creek then had brekkie & packed up the camp.

About 20 minutes after we left camp, we came across a lioness sitting on the side of the road. We spent 15 minutes watching her and after that amount of time she got sick of us and moved off. We drove for an hour or so, heading for the exit of Masai Mara, and on the way came across another lioness with her mate, basking in the sun. They are superb animals and weren’t the slightest interested in us.

We left the park and drove through the heart of the savannah land occupied by the Masai tribesmen. Semi-naked children waved & shouted at us and their elders stared stonily at us. There were Manyatta  or villages dotted over the land – low, rounded houses made of cow-shit and straw surrounded by a fence of thorns to keep out the predators at night. Their stock are herded into the enclosure at night.

We bumped our way back out to Narok and had lunch there, then drove on up to Lake Nakuru. By the time we got there it was nearly dark and too late to go into the park, so we drove down a side road and camped in a paddock.

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