DAY SEVEN We were rudely awakened at 7:00 by a Pommie cunt shouting and blowing a whistle. Apparently we had kept him awake last night and he was getting revenge. So we gave him serious shit before he & his mate left!

Most people were pretty crook from a combination of sangria, hash-cake and dope so we all just lay around for the morning. I did some washing and Mike 7 Scotty did some repairs on the truck.

The after-effects of a big night on the sangria.

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the bar of the lodge, which looks out over the lake, and Fran, Linda, Brian and I did a deal with some local women for 7 freshly-caught fish which we paid the princely sum of KSH 100 for (£3-00). We cooked them up for tea wrapped in foil and they were really good.

At about 4:30, another Kumuka truck rolled in. It was a 4-week trip round Lake Victoria but it’s occupants weren’t very friendly so we didn’t have much to do with them.

We had a brief thunderstorm just on dark that didn’t come to a hell of a lot and most of us were in bed by 9:00.

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