DAY EIGHT We were up before dawn & had camp down, brekkie down and truck packed up by 7:45. We left the camp and drove about ½ a mile before the truck broke down! It was judged to be a burnt out generator as Mike and Scotty had put a new part into it yesterday and obviously hadn’t put it back together right!

Hanging around in an African town.
Hanging around in an African town.

Anyway, we drove into town and hunted round for the cheapest diesel which it turned out couldn’t be got until 2:00 that afternoon. So it was decided to spend another night back at the lakeside camp. We bought some food in the market then Fran, Linda, Bron, Ian, Craig & Me retired to a coffee shop to write letters. In fact, I am writing this in the said coffee shop which is why some of the narrative is in past tense and some in the present. Ian and Craig have gone off to rip a street vendor off and we four are finishing out letters & eating disgusting hot chips. I will write up the rest of the day’s events tonight… 

Eventually, the truck came back and we returned to the camp.

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