DAY NINE We had a pretty leisurely departure from the camp and headed for the border. As we got closer to Uganda, the roads worsened, with huge potholes and several places where we had to drive off the road to avoid great rifts in the road.


We stopped for lunch on the side of the road and a horde of children appeared from nowhere to watch us. Skip got out the frisbee and we kept them enthralled with that while we were there.

After lunch we continued on along the rutted road and at one point, along a stretch of really big holes and cracks, there was a road toll booth!! These Africans!!

Shoe shiners, Kenya.

We arrived at the Kenyan side of the border at 2:30 and spent an hour there then drove out of Kenya and along the ½-mile of no-man’s land. Money-changers approached us with huge wads of Ugandan notes and Mike changes a bit for fun.

The Ugandan side was patrolled by heavily-armed guards, Kalashnikovs slung over their shoulders, but the officials were friendly and most of us didn’t have any trouble. Unfortunately, the two Israelis, Uri and Yaid, were refused entry. The officials said that Uganda had no diplomatic relations with Israel and they would have to go back to Kenya. So, we left them standing in the dusty, wind-swept yard of the customs compound and drove away. They seemed not too surprised at what had happened and I guess that being Israelis, they would be used to getting the shitty end of the stick.

Anyway, we drove into the countryside, crowds of people waving at us, the country green and fertile. We stopped for a beer at a wayside bar, then found a campsite in a quarry.

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