DAY ELEVEN Linda and I got up early and went into the Y.M.C.A. (we camped the night behind the building) for a cold shower in the stinking urinal that doubled as the shower. We had breakfast then drove into town and spent all morning hanging around the market.

Because Scotty’s contact had wanted US$10 each to forge a stamp on our currency declarations, we all had to go to a bank and change money officially. Linda changed US$5and got 193SHILLINGS/$, and I changed £5 and got 312/£. Quite a difference to the black market rate!

With our official business done, we hung around the truck. Skip and Bron arrived with 2 live chickens, which they had bought in the market, and then they paid a couple of Bernies 200 shillings to kill and pluck them.

We finally left Kampala at 2:30 and drove out to Entebbe Airport, scene of the daring Israli hostage rescue in 1976, to try and track down the three people we were supposed to meet in Kampala. No sign of them so they are going to have to find us! We drove out of Entebbe past a platoon of heavily armed soldiers, and headed up into the hills.


A wonderful pageant of life rolled past us as we travelled through the lush, fertile and intensively farmed hills. As usual there were crowds of smiling, waving adults and half naked grubby children screeching at us and we waved back to their great delight.

A roadside scene in Uganda.
A roadside scene in Uganda.

Our campsite for the night was at the top of a hill overlooking a lake with a glorious sunset and the cool evening air full of the smell of the rich land and the music of cicadas.

Me flying a kite, Uganda.

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