DAY TWENTY-THREE  Linda and I woke up at 6:30 feeling 100% better after a good night’s sleep, and went down to the river to do our washing. It was wonderfully peaceful with a cool mist hanging over the swiftly-flowing water that quickly vanished as the sun rose above the jungle and warmed the air. We did our washing and frolicked in the warm water then lazed round the camp.

Epulu Life. Our driver, Scotty, relaxing in the Epulu River.

At 11:00, we set off with the American guy who looks after the animals at the Station which is funded by a private individual from Florida. The main purpose of the Station is the capture and study of the Okapi which lives only in the Epulu forest. They have several in enclosures as well as several species of primates most of which have been confiscated from tourists who have bought them from natives.

Another feature of the Station is the Pygmy village where the Pygmies employed by the Station to collect food for the Okapi live. They sold us a few

Pygmy Village, Epulu, Zaire.
Me and a Pygmy man at Epulu, Zaire.

 bits and pieces and let us take their photos but it was sad to see such people, whose real home is the forest, spoiled by the influence of money and drink.

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the shade, writing letters and just catching up on little jobs that needed doing. We had a big feed of stew and rice for tea and it was really nice, being the first solid food we had had since Monday lunch!

Linda outside a Pygmy hut.

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