DAY TWENTY-FOUR Linda and I got up at 5:30AM and went down for a bath in the warm, mist-shrouded river. We got everything packed in the truck eventually and headed away from Epulu.

The first 40km was over a pretty rough road and took us about three hours to cover. We stopped at a small stream and hauled water up in a bucket on

Collecting water from a roadside creek, Zaire.
Collecting water from a roadside creek, Zaire.

 a rope to fill the tank. Then we drove on.  The road was mostly pretty good and by the time we pulled up in a small quarry next to a village, we had made over 250 km.

Oh, we stopped at a little dusty town at about 2:30, one street, some ramshackle buildings with the sun beating down and, lo & behold!…a shop sold ICE (literally) COLD COKE, FANTA AND BEER!! We Indulged! The shop had a battered old Westinghouse kerosene fridge and, man, it worked a treat!!

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