DAY FORTY-NINE We got up and potted around packing up and left camp at about 10 after filling up the water tank.  We drove into town and went to the Post Office then Linda, Snake Russ and I spent an hour in the market buying food and being hassled by the ladies while outside a huge storm pelted Bangui with rain.

Disaster struck when we returned to the truck and it was discovered that Mike’s satchel with all the food kitty¹ money in it had been stolen. Luckily our passports we’re still at the Cameroon Embassy because if they had been stolen we would have been in serious shit.

As it was we still had the visa kitty and the truck kitty and Scotty telexed Kumuka to get them to send money to us in Kano. The worst part of the whole deal is that Mike is responsible for the loss and it comes out of his pocket!

We picked up the passports on the way out of town and passed through K-12 without any hassle.

That night we camped in a quarry near Bouali Falls, with a beautiful view out over the hazy blue rolling hills.

¹Our trip funds were divided up into three “kitties”: one for food, one for truck expenses and one  for visas.

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