DAY FIFTY  I got up at 5 and took my camera gear down the hill to a disused crane at the bottom of the quarry.  I climbed up on top of it and sat for an hour and watched as the pattern of cloud and mist shifted across the plains as dawn came.

In a similar way to the fog on the hill at home, misty rain blew in and in next to no time it was raining heavily. Linda and Russ cooked up French toast for breakfast then we packed up and drove the remaining 5 km to Chutes Bouali.

We had to walk the last few hundred metres to the falls as the road had been badly washed out. The falls were a magnificent sight. The river tumbles 70 or 80 feet in a brown and white wall over the falls and brilliant green creepers cling to the rocks protruding from the water. A wall of spray is flung up from the rocks at the foot of the falls and through it comes glimpses of the misty blue hills rolling away into the distance. 

Chutes Bouali.

We spent half an hour there then drove back out to the main road and proceeded to drive for the rest of the day.

The country was very pretty, a lot like Australia only greener. The hills roll away as far as the eye can see, clad in subtropical forest rather than jungle, and above, a turquoise sky dotted with clouds. We stopped and made camp in a small quarry in the early evening and after tea, we made some bread in the oven.

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