DAY FIFTY-ONE  We had an early start today, aiming to hit the border at around 1 o’clock. The country continued rolling and bush-clad and gradually the faces in the villages began to change from predominantly black African to more and more Arabian looking.

More and more of the men wore wore white robes, the women clad in brightly coloured clothes with their hair long and finely braided.

We stopped for lunch near the summit of a gently rising range overlooking a wide valley, then got to the first police post at 2:30. Surprisingly, all the checkpoints were lenient apart from one, when a bribe had to be paid for a fault in a vaccination certificate.

While we were waiting for the formalities to be completed at the Cameroon border, I spent 20 minutes playing with a balloon and a group of local children. There were no problems at customs and we drove into Cameroon, our 5th country.

It took about an hour to find a quarry and we camped the night under a bright moon shining down from a clear sky.

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