DAY FIFTY-FOUR Departing the quarry after a nice relaxing bath in the creek, we drove, and drove and drove. Our destination was the town of Gorua, on the edge of the semi-arid region¹ and we reached it just before lunch.

Approaching the town, we drove alongside, and then crossed, a wide flood-plain covered with sparkling pools of water with a sluggish river flowing at the centre.

We changed some more money at a hotel then spent an hour wandering through the dusty market streets.

Roadside Bar, Cameroon.

On the road again, we drove the afternoon away as waves of heat washed over us and the land dried and shrivelled with the passing miles. Rough and rugged boulder-strewn hills protruded form the plain which gradually flattened out until, at day’s end, it was flat and dry and featureless.

We camped beside the road under the warm and hazy glow of a full moon.

¹ Known as The Sahel, this is the region between the savannah-lands of central Africa and the empty wastes of the Sahara Desert.

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