DAY FIFTY-FIVE A six o’clock start had us well on the way before the day’s heat started. We drove for about two hours heading north-east towards the Cameroon-Chad border where Waza National Park lies.

Waza Post Office, Cameroon.

The land we were passing through was hot, dry and arid, with amazing hills of huge boulders rising out of the plain. 

We got to Waza to find that the park was closed for the wet season so there was nothing to do but turn around and head back towards the Cameroon-Nigeria border. Waza is reputed to have the greatest concentration of elephants in Africa but the only wildlife we saw on the way back was a group of giraffe near the road.

We stopped for lunch near the border then spent about 4 hours sitting in the truck in the sweltering heat while the Cameroon Customs and Immigration procedures were completed, then a further hour while the Nigerian C&I was done. Hey Presto! A small barrier amidst a mass of squalid huts and we were in Nigeria.

We drove out of the border town & through 5 police and army checkpoints towards the setting sun. We found a campsite beside the road and Linda and I pitched our tent without the fly on so we could watch the moon and stars above us and to keep cool as the air was hot and the ground retained much of the day’s heat.

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