Market Stall, Kano, Nigeria.

DAY SIXTY-TWO Linda, Chris and I walked up to the Post Office to post our mail and there was a letter there from Joe. In it was two photos of Mick’s new farm¹, a nice-looking block, along with news of the impending sale of Rollesby, Stanton and Pukaki Downs²

Dying fabric, Kano.

We spent some time buying some stuff at a sidewalk artisans’ stall and added to our treasure trove of souvenirs some necklaces of clay beads, 4 masks and a few other bits and pieces.

At 12:00 Adu came for us in a little three-wheeled mini-cab called a tuk-tuk to take us on a tour of town. He took us for lunch at a little hidden restaurant where we had salad, plantain & chicken then to his house which is provided for him by the government. It is a very comfortable little two-room place set in its own walled courtyard. Furnished with settees, carpet, TV etc it was a hell of a lot nicer than most of the houses we have seen. We assured Adu that it was a great home but I’m sure he was aware that it is pitifully small compared to our houses in the west. We took some timer photos of the three of us and promised to send him copies.

Me, Adu and Linda at Adu’s home, Kano, Nigeria.

On the way back to camp through the bustling late afternoon streets, we stopped by the abattoir so I could get a photo of the action there.

I started snuffling and sneezing in the evening & by the time bed-time came I had a full-blown cold. I spent a very uncomfortable night sweating, shivering and aching in every joint.    

The Dye Pits, Kano, Nigeria.

¹Our cousin, Mick Gillingham, had just bought a hill country farm in the Danseys Pass area of Otago on New Zealand’s South Island.

²These were High Country sheep stations (ranches) where I had worked during my time as a shepherd.

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