DAY SIXTY-THREE We left Kano mid-morning and drove north through the continuing barrenness of the Sahel.

I was a total wreck with the severe symptoms of a cold and felt thoroughly miserable all day. Even though it was very hot, I shivered and ached all day.

Sahel kids.

We reached the sandy compound of the Nigerian border at 1:30 and completed formalities without any trouble.

No-man’s land between Nigeria and Niger¹ is 10 kilometres wide so we got to the Niger side in the mid-afternoon & ran into our first truck search. The sloppy, petulant guards had us unload all the luggage then they went through everything with their greedy little fingers. Needless to say, we were all pretty fucked off by the time they had finished. It was another 35 KM (!) to the customs post but the formalities there were quick. We drove for another 20 minutes then camped.

¹The name is pronounced “Nee-zhair”.

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