DAY SIXTY-SIX Everyone went their separate ways for the day. Linda and I had a bowl of lovely yummy ice-cream at the local ice-cream parlour across the road then went for a walk to see the market. We were pestered by Filani salesmen to “come and see my shop” but ignored them.

Jewellery shopping in Agadez.

I bought a turban of black, silken material for the desert & then we went to the silversmith’s workshop where Linda bought a pair of silver earrings.¹

I was getting buggered by this stage se we went back to the hotel & spent the rest of the day sleeping in the shade. We spent the night on the roof again.

Hard bargaining in Agadez.

¹ Linda also bought a silver bracelet which, in later years, she gave to me. I still wear it to this day.

The bracelet (centre) that Linda bought in Agadez that day.

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